Robyn McVeigh
Robyn McVeigh
Robyn McVeigh on the Internet as Mangosteen Wonder. You can check me out on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to see what I post just look for the name Mangosteen Wonder. Now part of Zija International but I started in 2007 with XanGo LLC. If I could only share one thing with you about myself, it would be that I am committed to helping people improve their lives. My background is in family therapy and community services with over 25 years experience assisting people in these fields. The best thing about having my own business is that I have been able to now work from home and reduce the stress in my life that was involved throughout my previous career. Now, I have time and freedom to plan and travel at my leisure. During my travels I have been able to confidently manage my business with the aid of modern technology. Please view my blog called Mangosteen Wonder. Find out why I chose Xango and why I was confident MLM or Network Marketing works as a business model. Personally, it all started when my partner became ill and chose to find a complementary therapy to resolve his condition when Western modalities were failing to elicit an improvement. The product he chose, XanGo juice was ˮtoo good to believeˮ and aided him enormously. He was approached by so many people for the product as he was a walking advertisement. My thought was that this opportunity was ˮtoo good to missˮ. Xango juice was the vehicle I had been looking for to allow change in our lives and become independent of a wage based income. I built my business to a level that has allowed me to change my career in 2010 and work full time as a distributor of Xango products and since May of 2017 an independent distributor of Zija products and everything Moringa oleifera.

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